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Admission documents

Mandatory documents

  1. application for admission
  2. a letter of self-introduction
  3. high school diploma certificate (an original, a copy, and a translated version)/ from the last school attended
    * 졸업예정증명서 제출 후 졸업증명서 및 학력인증서 제출, 미제출시 불합격 처리
    For those who have passed a school qualification exam in Korea can apply, but not in a foreign country such as GED test.
  4. an original and translated copy of official high school transcript
  5. a copy of passport
  6. For those who fit in category 1: Family relations verification documents
    ※ Family relations verification documents ( an original copy and Korean or English translated copy is needed)
    Examples of Family relations verification documents
    China Hogubu or Kin relation authentication
    Mongolia Kin relation verification
    Nepal Jeonmadalda
    Philippines Family Census
    Indonesia Family relation verification (KARTU KELUARGA)
    Bangladeshi Jeommeo Kakus or Jeommeo Sidetiket
    Vietnam So ho Khau or Giay Khai ainh
    Pakistan Family Certificate
    Sri Lanka Pauler certificate
    Myanmar Yingtaususayen
    Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Thailand Birth certificate
  7. For Chinese students must submit an original copy of High school graduation exam certificate from China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information (
    ※ Without certificate, application is not allowed. (Refer to ‘Education background and diploma verification documents for foreigners’.
  8. Other countries except China, Academic history proof documents such as diploma, transcript, etc. must be attached with Apostille Confirmation, or the documents must be attached with Consular Confirmation issued by the Korean Consul in the country.
    ※ When one’s education background is not verified at the time of application, one must submit a proof that one has applied for Apostille/or consul verification of their documents and must submit the documents with the Apostille convention or confirmed by consul of Korean diplomatic missions in student’s country by December 4th 2013.

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