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Dept. of Emergency Medical Service

The Department aims to produce class 1 emergency medical service paramedics who protects and restores life and health of emergency patients by providing appropriate pre-hospital care and first-aid service to them and carrying them to hospital.

Career path

firefighting government employee (class 1 paramedic license entitles license holder to special employment for lifesaving/emergency aid area), firefighting government employee (general firefighting and administration), healthcare government employee (additional credit if license is available), marine police officer (special employment for lifesaving/emergency aid area), correctional government employee (special employment for lifesaving/emergency aid area), dispensary of business organization (large, medium and small businesses), emergency room of general hospital (university hospital and large hospital), emergency medical center of general hospital, emergency patient transport service provider, medical military officer, EMS hospital transport service, overseas studying (U.S. EMT education course), admission to other universities

Accessible professional licenses

class 1 paramedic (certified by the Minister of Health & Welfare), water safety instructor, water life saver (examination following specified training), mountain safety instructor, powered water leisure craft driving license class 1 and 2, CPR instructor, first-aid instructor, skin scuba (open-water), HAM, professional diver
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235 Cheonjam-Ro, Wansan-Gu, Jeonju-Si, Jeollabuk-Do 55069 Korea TEL. +82-63-220-4114

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