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Intensive Major

Dept. of Architecture

Department of Architecture offers advanced Architecture program for the acquisition of “University Bachelor’s Degree Acquisition” to provide more in-depth learning focusing on practical knowledge·technology in order to foster professional workforce and activation of “Work to School” among workers with a college degree.

Offer continuing education opportunity

Provide continuing education opportunities for the workers with college degrees in order to improve their working capacity

Transition Education System

Establish a transition education system providing school-to-work and work-to-school routine

Education focusing on practical tasks

Open education program centered on learner’s capacity -> Reflect needs of the actual user

Foster excellent field skills

Fostering of excellent professional workforce through systematic education focusing on practical work

Foster workforce to prepare for globalization

Foster workforce meeting the quantitative evaluation standards -> Prepare an education program for acquiring related certificates

Dept. of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering started taking in new students in 2009 with maximum of 20 students per session.
Advanced program for acquiring Computer Engineering Bachelor’s Degree provides continuing education opportunities to workers with college degree and aim to prepare professional workforce in computer network & information security field in order to foster professional workforce equipped with knowledge on theories linked to the actual work and practical competence, reach beyond academic-based learning offered in universities, and provide learning opportunities to enhance work capacity in IT industry.
The program’s goal is to teach students on computer network, system security, countermeasures against hacking and virus attacks, cryptography and security related sectors in order to foster professionals in information security who can play key roles in ubiquitous generation to meet the demands of those who are working in IT field right now.

Dept. of Cadastre & Civil Engineering

Department of Cadastre & Civil Engineering aims to provide “Advanced Program for University Bachelor’s Degree for those without past experience in the industry” and is currently managing key curriculum to prepare students for future of cadastralㆍconstruction market where cadastral and spatial information will be combined with civil engineering industry.
In cadastral part of the program, students will be learning cadastral spatial information modeling and analytical techniques as well as 3D mapping technique to help students to better understand how to produce advanced information through data processing and statistical techniques.
In civil engineering part of the program, students will be offered a learning program linked by the latest treand and high-tech IT and provided with an opportunity to become professionals by learning about contracts and cost estimating system, industrial safety management, and construction safety engineering.

Dept. of Social Welfare Management

It offers a continuing education opportunity for those with college degrees and help foster professional workforce required in social welfare industry by providing advanced specialized education linked to practical works and offering learning environment to improve their social welfare management skills by studying responsive measures on issues involving seniors, family, children, people with disability, and youth and implementing the findings.
By doing so the program aims to nurture professional workforce equipped with appropriate practical skills and necessary theories for working in social welfare and management industry.

Dept. of Child Welfare

In this program, students will be learning about human development and personality which are crucial elements of child welfare. Thus, in order to foster creative professionals suitable for the current generation, the program will give students a chance to learn methods to improve human relationship, self-expression skill, understanding of information society, and appropriate responsive measures.
Offer courses on the reality of child counseling and clinical practice reflecting the current status where counseling and health family are raising important issues in the field of child welfare and social welfare. Thus, this program will take differentiated approach by fostering practical professionals in child counseling at child welfare site by including educational curriculum focusing on actual clinical practices on top of theories on child counseling.
Provide opportunities for students to learn basics of counseling including psychological test, family counseling, youth counseling, and other psychology consultation techniques. By offering such opportunities, the program aims to foster professionals required in health family aid center or other counseling institutions.

Dept. of Taekwondo and Physical Education

This is an advanced program for those with college degrees in physical education which offers learning focusing on teaching practical knowledge and technologies to foster professional workforce and invigorate continuing education program among workers in the field. Knowledge-based society of the 21st century asks for creative professionals who are equipped with professionalism and innovative job awareness.
This means that typical knowledge and technologies asked by existing industry are not enough help workers survive. Getting a degree in Taekwondo and Physical Education will give students an advantage in the era of high-speed information and intense competition and the department offers education program to foster sports instructors and coaches as well as a chance to acquire certificates in Taekwondo referee, fitness instructor, and youth instructor.

Dept. of Dental Hygiene

Advanced program for Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene offers those with college degree in Dental Hygiene a chance to acquire Bachelor’s Degree in the field signed by the director of this educational institution and applicants do not need to have past experience working in the industry.

“Fostering of dental hygienist equipped with clinical skills and capacity for new critical thinking”

Advanced program in dental hygiene offered at Vision College of Jeonju not only offers an chances to learn practical knowledge and improve critical thinking skills for fostering dental hygienist but also provide students with continuing education opportunities to foster dental hygiene professionals prepared with new knowledge.

Dept. of Physical Therapy

This “Advanced Program” for Bachelor’s Degree grants students a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy by completing this program which includes “Senior Level Physical Therapy Courses” and offer those with college degrees a chance to acquire university degree. (July 13th 2007 Higher Education Act Amendment)
This advanced program started taking in new students in 2014 with the maximum of 20 students per session. Those applying for this program need to have acquired college degree in the same field while past work experience is not mandatory(past experience not necessary)
Advanced program for Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy expands the boundary of continuing education opportunities for therapist working in clinical institutions and aims to foster professional workforce by reinforcing expertise in practical and therapeutic knowledge and offering chances to complete legitimate physical therapy program. This is an excellent program which allows students to complete Bachelor’s Degree while working in clinical work environment at the same time offering an effective and convenient learning chances. Especially, as the only advanced program in physical therapy offered in the city of Jeonju, students can take advantage of minimal commuting and save both time and money.
Share the pride of joining “World Class College, WCC” designated by the Ministry of Education and live your dream toward better future by entering advanced program for physical therapy offering excellent quality of learning opportunity.

Dept. of Public Health Administration

Necessity and validity
Increased social importance of professional workforce in public health administration
Contribute to ‘Fostering of professional workforce in silver healthcare’ in order to achieve target goal as a specialized college
Excellence of Department of Public Health Administration at Vision College of Jeonju and its contribution to the community
Expected growth in the demand for skilled public health administration professionals in Korea
Expected growth in the demand for professionals in public health administration due to fast growing aging society in Jeonbuk region
Establishment Goal
Fostering of public health administration professionals by offering public health administration workers in Jeonbuk region with college degree an opportunity for continuing education and advanced learning program to improve their theoretic knowledge and practical skills
Provide opportunities for practical learning and new technology learning to respond to drastically changing environment of public healthcare
Learn advanced professional knowledge to allow students to serve as managers
Contribute to the improvement of public medical service provided within the community by enhancing the competency of public health administration professionals
Offer lifelong education opportunities through transition education allowing students to move between college-to-work and work-to-college

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