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Dept. of Beauty Health

People are increasingly aware of beauty as living standard improves and leisure time increases.

It is no exaggeration that all the generations are interested in creating beauty in the 21st century.

The Department of Beauty Art aims to produce beauty professionals who can manage heath and beauty at the same time by providing in-depth theory classes and the best educational infrastructure on the basis of ethics and service spirit to produce professionals creating healthy skin, beautiful hair, makeup and nail art.

Career path

hair stylist, skin care expert, makeup artist, nail artist, beauty consultant, beauty management expert, beauty education trainer and instructor, professional research staff of beauty industry

Accessible professional licenses

hair stylist, hair care instructor, beauty care specialist (general) (skin) government license, makeup artist, nail artist, foot care specialist, scalp care specialist, eye lash extension, aroma therapist, natural cosmetics manufacturer, etc.
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