VISION College of Jeonju


Educational Direction

In order to become the best college in 21C, Jeonju Vision College seeks for humanism education, vocational- education oriented curriculum, continuing education, informatization education and globalized education.

the best college in 21C

Humanism education, Vocational-education oriented curriculum,

Continuing education, Informatization education and globalized education.

Substantiality of curriculum
and academic calendar
- Strengthening basic and liberal education
- Seeking for specialized major education
- Operating curriculum for intellectuals
- Strengthening practical education
students guidance
- Expending facilities
- Expending scholarship and benefits
- Supporting education of intellectuals
- Carrying out vocational-training based educations suitable to globalization
Rationalization of administration
and enhancement of productivity
- Innovation of administrative service
- Organizational development
- Leadership training of intellectuals
- Slimness of administrative structure
- Carrying out expansion of early retirement plan
of faculties
- Strengthening research capability and research ethics
- Securing excellent faculties
- Providing education of intellectuals
- Strengthening faculty benefits
Securing stable funds
and efficient financial operation
- Securing funds for carrying out long-term development plan
- Having efficient financial operation
college education
- Establishing foundation of global education
- Strengthening education to make student have global mind
Open-minded college
improved along with students
- Strengthening industry- university cooperation
- Strengthening education for industry-university cooperation
- Strengthening research for industry-university cooperation
- Strengthening domestic and overseas exchanges program

235 Cheonjam-Ro, Wansan-Gu, Jeonju-Si, Jeollabuk-Do 55069 Korea TEL. +82-63-220-4114

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