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Korean Institute VioLAC

VioLAC has a various language program to strengthen your language ability, expands human relationship and academic ties through Korean education for foreigners and help Korea to be known to the world.

VioLAC Characteristic

Korean-style house, Hanok

VioLAC helps you to get through TOPIK Level 3 and Level 4 in a short time, which is needed when advancing to undergraduate study. The success of studying in Korea depends on Korean language skills.

Higher than Level 3 in TOPIK is needed to advance to a regular course.
Educational programs for TOPIK Level 3 and Level 4 is prepared.
Also, other programs-visiting major Korean companies and experiencing Korean culture-are also prepared.

Thorough guidance is provided starting from university enrollment to graduation by analyzing each student’s aptitude.

Sometimes, a student might feel his or her chosen major does not match his aptitude and might want to change a major or give up the study during a regular course curriculum. At VioLAC, we keenly help student with aptitude test and job inquiry test to choose a right path.

Both students and parents are satisfied with the program that includes dormitory life, academic career, and attendance check-up.

Any parents whose children are studying abroad might worry about their well-beings. Whether their children are studying hard, sleep well and being healthy, they would have so many questions.
To eliminate such worries, we provide such information on students in every semester.
Through a letter, information on school life, academic advancement and dormitory life will be informed.
Trust between parents and school are built and satisfaction in studying abroad will be increased.


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VIOLAC - VISION University of Jeonju 235 Cheonjam-Rd, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do 560-760 Korea
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