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Dept. of Cadastre & Civil Engineering

This department , as academic field combining 21C digital cadastre information and cutting-edge land development, teaches students by dividing majors into two majors of cadastre and civil engineering.

Cadastre major, as only one in Jeonbuk, provides practical education by using latest-model cadastral survey (including administrative service) and GIS (spatial data system). Students majoring this are recommended to be employed by government agencies including the Korea Cadastral Survey Corp. and other private companies through participation in cadastral resurvey projects.

In addition, students majoring in civil engineering are taught comprehensive areas for securing social infrastructure necessary for protecting human life and property from natural disasters and creating convenient life environment and national development and the number of students majoring this who Has been employed by government and companies related in construction/construction design has been rapidly increased since the “Project of Saemangeum Comprehensive Development” and “Innovation City Construction Program”.

Career path

Cadastre major

Public servants (Korea Cadastral Survey Corp. and other cadastral/ private companies/GIS/survey

Civil engineering major

Public servants or institutions government invested (LH Corp., Korea Expressway Corp. Korea Rural Community Corp. ) and other related companies specialized in construction/civil engineering/ construction supervision/ safety inspection

Accessible professional licenses

Cadastre major

industrial cadastral survey engineer, spatial survey data engineer, mapping craftsman drawing craftsman, real estate broker

Civil engineering major

Civil engineer, construction material testing engineer, construction safety engineer, spatial data engineer and concrete engineer.

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