VISION College of Jeonju


Major Facilities

Campus of Jeonju Vision College is filled with romance and energy and students can feel beautiful four seasons nature. The college seeks to provide pleasant environments including various facilities and stable infrastructure for students where they bring up their passion for leaning and make their dreams come true so that they can change the World.

Cutting-edge dormitory

Dormitory consist of three buildings of dormitory and 1 multiple activity building. The dormitory is based on double occupancy and provide various convenient facilities, study rooms, lounge and health room, seminar room, lecture room, chapel and VIP room for special guests.

Various athletic facilities

Jeonju Vision College has grass field for exclusive use for soccer and comprehensive gym for indoor Sports (basket ball, badminton and volley ball) and big events. These facilities have been operated for sports for all including student, faculties and local community residents. Besides, various other sports facilities such as fitness center (Mirae building) and other facilities for indoor golf course (Bongsa building), table tennis, pool (Woojeong building) and squash (Pyeongsang building) in order to make students maintain their body healthy.

Cultural spaces full of youth and vitality

The college have various convenient facilities and rest areas for students to have pleasant college life.
Students can freely use cafeteria, snack bar, student body room and student service center (rooms for pool, table tennis, karaoke, internet café and mini theater) and rooms for club activities.
Besides, other various facilities of hair loss clinic, Vision Scalp & Hair Care Center operated by the department of art and beauty care and esthetic center operated for business project of “Make-up Magic,” a club for establishing a business for make-up, nail arts and skin care business.

International education service center

The college opens various language learning courses to make students improve their foreign language skills so that Korea is well known to the people in other countries through exchanges program of academic activities and personnel

235 Cheonjam-Ro, Wansan-Gu, Jeonju-Si, Jeollabuk-Do 55069 Korea TEL. +82-63-220-4114

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