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Dept. of Taekwondo and Physical Education

This department, as one for fostering true leaders and enhance quality of life, aims to make students learn practical knowledge of theories and practices to enhance their capacity to cope with field conditions.

The department seeks to foster desirable social physical instructors who learn scientific study and systematic and continuous practical training and have humane personality so that they can enhance martial value of Taekwondo and realize ‘enhancement of quality of life’, a social value of physical education.

Considering of importance of practical training of students, the college have modernized big sports complex, exclusive gyms, indoor training room and squash room where students can intensively practice various sports through engaging in sports club activities to enhance their specialty

Career path

Domestic and overseas coach, member of martial art performance group, director or coach of elementary, middle and high schools and companies, sports administrator, sport marketing and management agent, guard coach, physical education teachers, physical therapist, sports center owner, teenager training center coach, guard and employees of security companies, transfer to 4 year university, recreation instructor, physical education in day care center, party planner, party decoration consultant, after-school program teacher

Accessible professional licenses

Sports for all coach, Taekwondo umpire, Taekwondo coach, physical therapist, sport massage, practical education teacher, guard coach, sport marketing consultant, chiropractic therapist, recreation coach, coach of physical education of children, teenager guide, first aid certificate, certificate of water rescuer, leisure sports(paragliding, skin scuba, windsurfing), body consultant, physical therapist, yoga instructor, senior welfare and health consultant, water leisure coach, dance sport coach, laughing therapist, party face painting (2nd class certificate), party decoration (2nd class certificate), guard instructor, golf coach
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