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Students Support Programs

Jeonju Vision College generously invest to your potential if you have passion and outstanding vision.
Your vision will be promoted in the college providing strict practical education, broad scholarship and systematic support so that student have competitiveness as outstanding professionals.

Support of employment for talented students challenging for bigger dream

Jeonju Vision College specialized in education for employment producing genuine talents who will lead Korea. A number of students have been employed in big companies including LG, Samsung, Doosan and KCC through big company employment program and, through license acquisition program students have been obtaining more than one licenses, which proves that Jeonju Vision College is a real place cultivating talented students who will lead Korea. Support programs of the college including Youngsters employment academy, job creation suitable to local community, youngsters employment and work experience program have been selected by the Ministry of Employment and labor so that the college can provide more various and developed employment support in the future.

Job experience scholarship program for exotic college life

Jeonju Vision College carries out Job experience scholarship program for all freshmen free of charge so that they can enjoy college life, freely express their potential talent and ability and experience self confidence

Program : camp of experiencing barracks of the Marine Corps, golf, squash, swimming, hip-hop dance, dance sports, rafting, bungee jumping, hiking, skin scuba, nation country pilgrimage and ski camp

Scholarships for students following their vision and dreams

Jeonju Vision College operates various scholarship programs for students to follow their dreams of study without any financial difficulties. The college supports dreams of students by providing broad range of scholarships from those given to excellent students when they get admission, employed by big companies and licenses to those given to students having financially difficult situations when they have started studying late in their life, do their good deed, study abroad and are from multi cultural Families. Chance are open to those making their best efforts! Plenty of chances are open to students sparing no efforts in challenging to follow their dreams.

Overseas language course toward bigger world

In order to meet the demand of globalization of education, the college give students opportunity to go to English-speaking overseas affiliated colleges to take language study. Through this, students can not only enhance their English speaking skills but also have better understanding of foreign culture through experiencing various cultures to that international cooperation is promoted (USA, Australia, China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Philippines, India and Nepal)

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