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Dept. of Automobile Engineering

Automobile is the gist of cutting-edge engineering technologies offering high added values and great knock-on effects. The Department of Automotive Engineering aims to teach basic mechanical engineering knowledge, practical skills on automobile architecture, mechanism, inspection and maintenance and enable students to develop automotive part design capability as practically-oriented and creative professional engineers required by automobile manufacturers, automotive part design and production supplier and other machinery business.

Career path

domestic automobile manufacturers (Hyundai, Kia, GM Daewoo, Ssangyong, Renaut Samsung, etc.) foreign motors A/S engineer (Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Toyota, Chrysler, etc.), insurance claim department (Samsung, Hyundai, LIG, Dongbu, Cheil, etc.), automobile part supplier (Hyundai Mobis, Mando, Halla, Hanil, SJM, etc.), mechanical part design and manufacturer (Molex Korea, Korea Terminal Engineering, InoPla, Shinheung Precision Engineering, Alps Korea, etc.) automobile inspection engineer (automobile inspection site of Korea Road Traffic Safety Corporation, automobile service supplier), state-owned corporation and technical government employee, automobile service/driving training institute, general and industrial machinery business, practical skill instructor for technical high school for automobile engineering, admission to other regular universities

Accessible professional licenses

automobile service engineer, automobile inspection engineer, automobile insurance claim adjuster, automobile audit assessor, general industrial engineer, mechatronics engineer, computer-aided process engineer, computer-aided design engineer, construction machinery service engineer, tool design engineer, industrial safety engineer, thermal engineering engineer, press and mold design engineer, injection molding design engineer
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