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Dept. of Broadcasting & Visual Design

The Department of Broadcasting & Visual Design is the only place in Jeonlabukdo Province where visual design and broadcasting courses are offered in combination. Broadcasting courses on terrestrial broadcasting, CATV services and promotional video production and visual design courses on compute graphic-enabled digital editing, character and dvertisement design are provided. Therefore, graduates can choose a career path among various options in visual design and broadcasting service sector to their aptitude.

Career path

terrestrial broadcasting and CATV station, Internet broadcasting station, production, local municipality and public organization’s PR function, movie studio, wedding studio, industrial design agency (certified by Korea Design Promotion Institute/Ministry of Knowledge & Economy), design and multimedial development businesses, visual design and computer graphic class instructor in high school, industrial design institute and design education center instructor, local government employee and design-related authorities, educational institution, admission to industrial design and broadcasting departments in other universities

Accessible professional licenses

pragmatic course instructor license without examination, computer graphics technician, AVID certified license, Adobe certified license, Certified 3D expert license (Maya, 3D MAX), visual design engineer, (industrial) colorist, (industrial) ackage designer, Web designer
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