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Documentary requirements

Documentary requirements
Order Items to be submitted
1 Admission application form
2 Letter of self-introduction
3 Certificate of high school graduation or certificate of expected high school graduation
4* Certificate of high school graduation, enrollment certificate or certificate of expected high school graduation
5 Transcript of high school
6 1.1.1. Documents proving family relationship
7 A copy of certificate of parents’ employment and income
8 A copy of passport
9 5 copies of ID picture <3 X 4cm>
  • (a) Certificate of bank balances
          (showing that your financial supporter have deposited more than $12,000 USD)
  • (b) Original copies or copies of transcripts, diploma, report of transcripts
          (to be submitted in a form of the following and all the document must be written in English)
    • 1.1.2. Confirmation of ‘ (Apostille)’
    • 1.1.3. “Confirmation Letter of Consul’ of Korean consulate located in other countries or other countries consulate in Korea
11 <Examples of documents proving family relationship >
ㆍChina: Notarized copy of Household registration or family certificate
ㆍPhilippines: Family Census
ㆍIndonesia : Family certificate (KARTU KELUARGA)
ㆍBangladesh : Jumma Caccuz or Jumma Sideticket
ㆍVietnam : Family resister (So Ho Khau) or birth certificate (Giay khai sinh )
ㆍMongol: Family certificate
ㆍPakistan : Family Certificate
ㆍSri Lanka : Family certificate
ㆍMyanmar: Family certificate
ㆍNepal: Zunma dalda
ㆍKyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Thailand : birth certificate

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