Intensive Major

Intensive Major (Junior & Senior Courses)

Vision University of Jeonju provides intensive major courses to promote work-to-school education and produce specialized technical resources. From architectural engineering, computer engineering and Taekwondo, Vision University of Jeonju offers 4-year bachelor’s degree options for its core departments.
Graduate from Technical College - Finish Intensive Major Course - Obtain Bachelor’s Degree


Intensive Major course for bachelor’s degree allows technical college to grant bachelor’s degree and students completing the course (junior and senior years) can receive the same bachelor’s degree as graduates from 4-year universities.

Capacity & Conditions

The capacity of the course is 20 persons and anyone graduating from junior college or having equivalent educational background can apply as long as the major for which they apply and the junior college major that have taken match. If applicant has not graduated from relevant department, relevance of major is recognized if 50% or more of applicable credits were obtained.
(the relevant credit percentage is recognized down to 40% if applicants fill less than 50% of the course capacity. However, credits in short must be obtained from junior college courses separately from bachelor’s degree course.)

Architectural Engineering Architect Spearheading Specialization, Professionalization and Globalization
Intensive architectural engineering course for bachelor’s degree is now in place to promote work-to-school education for graduates from junior college, produce technical professionals and provide Intensive course blending practical skills and knowledge in contents. Laboratory and teaching system of the best quality in Korea are now available and the Intensive major course provides practically-oriented educational curriculum designed to meet customer demands and aligned toward the goal of specialist with hands-on job background. New technologies and design approaches are taught in field-like setting and professional license examination preparation is emphasized. To ensure effectiveness of education, theories and practical skills are blended in the course contents, as team teaching and dedicated professor + adjunct professor from business community are engaged in the class at the same time.
Computer Engineering Experts of Knowledge & Information Society Leading the World
Intensive computer engineering major course of bachelor’s degree aims to expand the window of work-to-school education for business employees and provide in-depth and practical computer network and information security skill enhancement program rather than academically-oriented curriculum of other 4-year universities. In step with the needs of IT workers on site, computer network, system security, anti-hacking and virus strategy, encryption technology security control are educated to produce information security expects to play a critical role in the ubiquitous age.
Cadastre & Civil Engineering convergence of spatial data and land development
  • - Intensive major course of this majors aims to teach students convergence of 21C digital spatial data And cutting-edge land development.
  • - Students majoring cadastre major are taught of intensive studies on areas of cutting-edge cadastral Survey system, enhancement of spatial administrative service, GIS related to land (spatial data system) And students majoring in civil engineering are taught of field-based practical knowledge necessary for Social infrastructure improvement and maintenance .
  • - The department supports students to be employed by institutions government invested (Korea Cadastral Survey Corp. and LH Corp.) and other related companies.
Child Welfare cultivation of experts in consultation of children and family
Intensive major course of this majors aims to provide practical education rather than theory-orientedteaching of 4 year universities so that students apply that education to actual situation of children& family consultation. This department provides students of intensive major courses related to children& family consultation to cope with the demand of this age of well-being and healing and industry for General employees of companies, children and family of daycare centers and social welfare facilities including teenagers
Dept. of Taekwondo and Physical Education department for fostering true leaders and enhancing quality of life
This department provides intensive course for students who graduated and majoring in from physical education for continuing education for those students and for fostering professionals. This 21C Knowledge-based society demands creative professionals having new work ethics. This means that we cannot survive in this days only with traditional knowledge and skills. Students graduating from this department of Taegwondo physical education can easily acquire various licenses and the department Opens courses to cultivate professional tournament coaches and sport for all programs and professionals.
Students completing this course may acquire licenses of Taegwondo empire, physical exercise theraphist, And teenager instructor.
Department of Physical Therapy fostering global professional physical therapist

Department overview

This department consists of 3+1 courses and students completing a three year undergraduate course can acquire physical therapist license of state and , if necessary, additional one year undergraduate course of “intensive major course”. Intensive major course is a efficient educational course completion of which can make students acquire a 4 year undergraduate diploma by attending classes twice a week at night while working in clinical program. This course is the only “educational course for intensive major course in Jeonju.
The department expect you to challenge to become a professional and global physical therapist by taking this high quality course which was designated as world class college (WCC) by the Ministry Of Education


Students completing this “intensive major course” can receive undergraduate diploma and, through this course, you can acquire BA degree equivalent to those graduating from four year universities by completing “four year course of physical therapist”. (See, Amendment of the Higher Education Act on July 13, 2007).
Since 2014, this course has admitted students up to 20 students . The department to be applied and diploma Course must be the same and experience in related industry is not so relevant (experience related is not required) . Intensive major undergraduate course of physical therapist expands opportunity of continuing Education for therapists working in clinical medical institutions and cultivates professionals through enhancement of practical training and therapeutic special knowledge and completion of traditional educational course of physical theraphy. This course is good, convenient and efficient for students to complete 4 year undergraduate course while working in clinics. In particular, This course is the only educational course for intensive major course of physical treatment in Jeonju so that it is beneficial for the students residing in Jeonju because they can save time and money since they do not need to commute to other cities for taking intensive major courses.