Military Technology Areas

Producing elite technical military officers in partnership with the Army Headquarters, offering army scholarship program and additional credit for military officer examination and full deduction of dormitory expenses, providing custom education courses of military technology specialists to enable students to experience the cutting-edge education system of the armed forces and a shortcut to becoming a government employee is Military Technology Areas.

National Defense Logistic Material Operation & Management of Defense Logistics Material System
The Department produces experts on national defense logistics by teaching national defense logistics material distribution technologies and cutting-edge IT system proficiency to maintain the combat readiness of the armed forces.

Career path

army, navy, marine corps non-commissioned officer, army military academy / commissioned officer, technical civilian military employee, defense contractor, military material-specialized contractor, quality / logistics control contractor

Accessible professional licenses

logistics administrator, quality control engineer, distribution administrator, packaging engineer, material controller, cook (Korean and western cuisine), document controller, industrial safety engineer, counsellor, Chinese character proficiency (class 3 or above), P.C.T

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