Public Health Administration

Health Areas

With competitive departments who will produce young talents of best quality for healthy society and ensure high employment rate with specialized education know-how, Health Areas produces professionals who will lead the health sector of Korea.

Public Health Administration Best Choice in Preparing for a Bright Future
The Department provides both adequate theoretical classes and in-depth skill courses in special areas such as basic medicine, healthcare, hospital administration and medical record, health administration, health hygiene, medical information, medical administration, health insurance and social welfare to produce health and welfare administration experts required in healthcare and welfare sites.

Career path

medical institutions (medical record department, medical insurance claim department, hospital administration, medical social welfare service, etc.), government employee (healthcare, social welfare area), government agencies (National Health Insurance Corporation, National Pension Fund Corporation, etc.), life and non-life insurers, pharmacies (pharmacy health insurance claim), ordinary businesses (healthcare-related businesses, etc.), medical welfare service organization

Accessible professional licenses

medical recorder (national medical license), hygienist (national medical license), nursing care worker, social welfare worker class 2 and hospital administrator (national license), medical insurance agent, healthcare education instructor, hospital coordinator, health and medical information administrator, health insurance underwriter class 1 and 2, social survey analyst

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