Health Areas

With competitive departments who will produce young talents of best quality for healthy society and ensure high employment rate with specialized education know-how, Health Areas produces professionals who will lead the health sector of Korea.

Dental Hygiene Vision toward the World, Home of Professional Dental Hygienist
The Department of Dental Hygiene produces experts who can prevent dental diseases and skilled and professional dental hygienist in order to improve and maintain the dental health of the public and enhance the quality of life. Notably, the Department tries to contribute to the improvement of dental hygiene for the general public by producing professionals equipped with service spirit and mature personality under the founding vision of “Educating Skilled Professionals Who Are Creative, Sincere and Contributing to the Development of the National Society on the basis of Christian Spirit.”

Career path

clinical dental hygienist (general hospital, dental hospital affiliated with dental college, dental hospital/clinic, national/public/municipal dental clinic, etc.) dispensary of government office, business, financial institution, health dental hygienist (public health center and station), health insurance corporation and association, dental health areas of national/local government, educational institution, dental supplies manufacturer, dental hygiene officer in military, overseas jobs in the U.S. or Canada, admission to other universities or dental hygiene bachelor course

Accessible professional licenses

dental hygienist

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