Department of Physical Therapy

Health Areas

With competitive departments who will produce young talents of best quality for healthy society and ensure high employment rate with specialized education know-how, Health Areas produces professionals who will lead the health sector of Korea.

Department of Physical Therapy Producing Physical Therapists Verses in Theories & Skills
The Department aims to produce creative and professional physical therapist who can contribute to the national and local communities by promoting service spirit as a skilled and sincere professional equipped with ethical mindset and mature personality. In addition, to produce professional physical therapists equipped with professional knowledge and mindset, the Department provides field-oriented practical and customizable education, personality education to encourage contribution to local, national and global societies and on-demand education readily applicable to job responsibilities after graduation.

Career path

medical institution (university hospital, general hospital, hospital/clinic, rehabilitation center, nursing center, oriental medicine hospital, oriental medicine clinic, etc.) dispensary in large business (healthcare team), health organization (government employee for healthcare sector, public health hospital, public health center and station), rehabilitation area (rehabilitation center, nursing center, welfare center for the physically handicapped, silver town, etc.) sports area (pro-sports club doctor, sports trainer, sports research institute), education area (teacher in specialty school for the physically challenged), research area (professor, rehabilitation research institute), overseas jobs, admission to other universities, etc.

Accessible professional licenses

physical therapist, healthcare training instructor, senior citizen rehabilitation counsellor

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