Social and Practical Areas produces pragmatically-oriented talents studying social phenomenon systematically and developing practical skills as required by the society via 6 specialized departments.
Social and Practical Areas produce talents equipped with creative leadership required in the age of information and globalization and promotes innovative mindset to improve the quality of life of the general public.

Child Welfare Understanding of Child and Family Development
The Department of Child Welfare produces social welfare and childcare experts required by the modern society. Graduates obtain not only social welfare worker and day nursery licenses but also art counseling care worker, fable narrator, paper-folding instructor and gabe instructor to contribute to the social welfare and childcare of local community as employed by social welfare facility, day nursery or government. Notably, the Department teaches practical knowledge to teach children to have new hope and ideal for the future.

Career path

nation, public, private day nursery teacher, day nursery operation, private art institute, child welfare facilities, social welfare facilities, government employee with childcare responsibilities, home care support center, childcare facility operation, medical treatment institutions, businesses serving infants, toddlers and children, child-related newspaper, magazine, broadcasting station, child illustrator, character designer, admission to other university

Accessible professional licenses

childcare teacher class 2 (Ministry of Health, Welfare & Family)-attainable without examination upon graduation, social welfare worker class 2 (Ministry of Health, Welfare & Family)-attainable without examination upon graduation, home care worker-attainable without examination upon graduation, art counsellor, fable narrator, paper-folding instructor, gabe instructor, reading instructor, play care worker

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