Social and Practical Areas produces pragmatically-oriented talents studying social phenomenon systematically and developing practical skills as required by the society via 6 specialized departments.
Social and Practical Areas produce talents equipped with creative leadership required in the age of information and globalization and promotes innovative mindset to improve the quality of life of the general public.

Early Childhood Education See the Future with Child’s Eyes
The Department of Early Childhood Education aims to produce early childhood teachers for infants and toddlers. Early childhood represents a very important stage in human growth.
To that end, students learn development theories, effective teaching tool and material development and teaching methods as well as computer-aided tools used in early childhood education sites. Graduating from the department, students can get jobs in affiliated/private kindergartens and national/public/incorporated/private day nurseries.

Career path

affiliated/private kindergarten teacher, national/public/incorporated/private day nursery teacher, admission to other university, early childhood education-specialized missionary, special skill and aptitude teacher, owner of kindergarten, day nursery and private teaching institute, early childhood education-related organizations (newspaper, broadcasting station, publisher, animation, PR or private institute, etc.)

Accessible professional licenses

class 2 kindergarten teacher (Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, license access without examination), class 2 childcare teacher (Ministry of Health, Welfare & Family, license access without examination), children recreation instructor, children camp instructor, children sports leader, children health and safety manager, children English teacher, children computer education instructor, children-related licenses (balloon art, POP, form art, ukulele, flower arranging, etc.)

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