International Cooperation and Technology


Industrial Areas offer cutting-edge engineering education infrastructure to meet the needs of education in the era of rapidly-changing science and technology and produces young talents for the industries of Korea with focus on pragmatism and latest curriculum. Home of the next-generation industry drivers leading the era of cutting-edge engineering science is the Industrial Areas.

International Cooperation and Technology World Changers!
This department has educational goal to cultivate students to become professional global leader leading changes and development of local community, the nation and world by positively handling changes and challenge in this rapid globalization ages through teaching professional skills, international development and cooperation and courses related to local community development.
In particular, through 100% tuition scholarship support and one student-one skill major system, this department seeks to cultivate talented students to become professional experts having humanity, intelligent and skills to serve society by teaching creative thought so that the students coming from domestic and overseas countries become honest and capable talents who will change the world

Career path

Students graduating this department will be able to build their careers in various fields as professionals having practical knowledge and specialized in local community development, international development cooperation and ODA

Accessible professional licenses

Licenses available for student depending on their major (for example, license of car maintenance, license of beauty art, license related to Taekwondo, license related social welfare service) and certificate of foreign language (TOEIC, HSK, TOPIK)

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