Industrial Areas offer cutting-edge engineering education infrastructure to meet the needs of education in the era of rapidly-changing science and technology and produces young talents for the industries of Korea with focus on pragmatism and latest curriculum. Home of the next-generation industry drivers leading the era of cutting-edge engineering science is the Industrial Areas.

New & Renewable Energy Clean Energy for the Future
The Department of New & Renewable Energy produces human resources for energy conversion technology and system operation and maintenance, with HW and SW design capabilities to power electric/electronic devices with energy from renewable energy source (solar, wind, fuel cell, hydro, tide, bio and hydrogen energy). Demands for renewable energy engineering resources are rising significantly in the public sector, etc. in line with the top 10 national new growth driver program involving renewable energy industry, the top 4 strategic programs of Jeonlabukdo and the development of Saemangeum and Buan renewable energy theme park.

Career path

government employee for renewable energy, KEPCO, KOGAS, KHNP, Energy Management Corporation, Korea District Heating Corporation, renewable energy businesses (Samsung SDI, Hyundai Motors, GS Fuel Cell, POSCO, LG Industrial Systems, OCI, KCC, Hyosung), micom, PCB design contractor

Accessible professional licenses

industrial digital control engineer, electronic (engineering) engineer, electronic circuit design engineer, emiconductor design engineer, electric work engineer, electric engineer, junior high school teacher

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