Automated Machinery Engineering


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Automated Machinery Engineering A Body of Knowledge Underpinning & Central to Industrial Society
The Department of Automated Machinery Engineering was launched in 1976 when Vision University of Jeonju was established as the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
It is a competitive department featuring high employment rate. The Department blends IT and mechanical technologies, offers CAD, CAM, CAE courses and teaches robot engineering, PLC programming, hydraulic/pneumatic circuit and automotive subjects to produce factory/production automation engineers. Graduates are performing well not only in local businesses in Jeonbuk Province but also public sector organization and the Department provides premium quality education with cutting-edge infrastructure and various S/W programs and runs Doosan Infracore class to enable graduates to have jobs in large businesses and support club activities actively.

Career path

general mechanical engineering, production industry site, factory automation solution supplier, precision-processing and super precision-processing technology sector, robotic engineering technology, automotive technology, construction machinery, agricultural machinery sector

Accessible professional licenses

production automation engineer, mechatronics engineer, IT application engineer, automobile inspection engineer, production machinery engineer, construction machinery engineer, general machinery engineer

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