Industrial Areas offer cutting-edge engineering education infrastructure to meet the needs of education in the era of rapidly-changing science and technology and produces young talents for the industries of Korea with focus on pragmatism and latest curriculum. Home of the next-generation industry drivers leading the era of cutting-edge engineering science is the Industrial Areas.

Computer Engineering Computer System that Binds the World into One
The Department of Computer Engineering intends to produce experts with practical skills for computer and IT as required by information society. Notably, the major course system with focus on on-the-job training program enables students to study sub-major intensively in step with recent technology trends and individual student’s interest. It offers computer hacking/security and webmaster/contents majors.

Career path

software (DB, Web, game, intranet, C/S, network, embedded system, multimedia) developer, IT office (large business, financial institution, university, government organization, research institute), SI contactor, network design and administration contractor, IT security service provider, financial institution, IT service provider, mobile service provider, Web contents developer, animation contents developer, Internet shopping mall and portal site, mobile flash animation publisher, computer maintenance contractor, Internet service provider, office IT administration, technical government employee, business startup, admission to computer-related department in other university

Accessible professional licenses

international professional certification

national professional certification
information processing engineer, information security expert, network administrator, OA engineer, Internet searcher, Internet information designer, e-Commerce administrator, Internet system administrator, computer engineer, computer organization application engineer, computer skill instructor

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