Industrial Areas offer cutting-edge engineering education infrastructure to meet the needs of education in the era of rapidly-changing science and technology and produces young talents for the industries of Korea with focus on pragmatism and latest curriculum. Home of the next-generation industry drivers leading the era of cutting-edge engineering science is the Industrial Areas.

Architecture Architect Spearheading Creative Architectural Culture
The Department of Architecture defines its vision as production of architects and professional engineers spearheading creative architectural culture with field-oriented pragmatic curriculum.
The Department aims to educate talents who understand professional ethics, public nature of architectural engineering, leadership, social accountability and have capabilities to fulfill professional and comprehensive functions in all segments of architectural industry, appreciate future-oriented and international practices-compliant sense of responsibility and ethics and meet the needs of rapidly changing world and society, with specialized and professional global education.

Career path

building construction, building design, building remodeling, interior construction, construction safety, building facility, specialty construction

Accessible professional licenses

architectural (engineering) engineer, construction safety (engineering) engineer, interior construction (engineering) engineer, building bricklaying (engineering) engineer, building construction engineer, construction material test (engineering) engineer, etc.

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