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Information & Communication Our Steps toward Information & Knowledge Power
Electronics dominated in the ’70s and ’80s as evidenced by radio and TV.
Today’s world has been dominated by PC. Then, tomorrow will be the era of mobile computing represented by the character M. In the M era represented by smartphone, we live in an ubiquitous world where we wear computing devices and enjoy ubiquitous network access anytime, anywhere, as if we breathe spontaneously. The Department of Information & Communication offers educational infrastructure of the best quality based on 36 years of educational know-how and competitiveness and proves it by achieving high employment rate and hosting diverse national engineering license examinations. In addition, over 2,600 graduates from the Department are working in every corner of the society to realize themselves and contribute to the development of the Department.
The Department of Information & Communication appreciates your undying spirit of challenge and turns you into a talent needed in the M era, leading the M era and contributing to the M era.

Career path

mobile carriers, communication organization, broadcasting station and CATV, private communication service provider, government employee (police communication and information engineer) civilian military employee (communication(, internet service, e-commerce, computer and communication service provider, intranet system administration

Accessible professional licenses

mobile facility engineering engineer, information and communication engineering engineer, communication line engineering engineer, information processing, office automation, broadcasting and communication engineering engineer, information technology engineering engineer, Internet searcher, multimedia contents expert, mobile Internet administration

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