Digital Electronics & Information


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Digital Electronics & Information Home of Information Technology-Applied Semiconductor Design Specialization
Digital electronics enabled by computer information technology is one of the future-oriented strategic industries of Korea as the country aims to be world’s No.2 manufacturer, with core technologies, core components and international standardization leadership. Korea is now world’s No.1 in digital display (LCD TV, monitor), No.2 in mobile phone and No. 1 in 8 sectors of semiconductor industry, investing heavily in talent education and industrial development for the sector. Therefore, the Department of Digital Electronics & information provides systematic training opportunities on digital electronics and semiconductor to produce practically-oriented engineering resources required by business communities.

Career path

digital electronics and display, semiconductor design and manufacturing, LED manufacturing and production, applications, electronic medical device operation, aeronautics, automotive engineering, information and communications, digital TV/broadcasting technology operation, home network installation/administration, IT SOC research, next-generation PC design and assembly, embedded system, intelligent service robot esign/application, IT, BT and NT industrial research and development institute, technical government employees, teaching, research organization

Accessible professional licenses

electronic circuit design (engineering) engineer, semiconductor design (engineering) engineer, digital design (engineering) engineer, wireless communication (engineering) engineer, information and communication (engineering) engineer, information and communication facility (engineering) engineer, computer (engineering) engineer, information technology information and communication (engineering) engineer, office automation (engineering) engineer, Internet searcher

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